What is it about obsessions?  For a season something can be an all consuming passion, the theme tune to all our thinking and then as quickly as it came is passes.  Do I just have a short attention span or are there other people like me?

For a week all I could think about was starting a blog.  I Googled it, thought about it, wrote my first post in my head a thousand times, and finally instead of doing the important task at hand I sat down and did it.  I chose my template, picked a theme, wrote a brief bio and then scribed my first blog.  I didn’t wait to edit, ponder, reflect or pause, instead I clicked “Publish Post”.  And I had begun.

A whole new world of literary inspiration had opened up to me.  I loved the thrill of my first like and follow.  But as quickly as my obsession arrived it past.  The email reminders to post a blog once a week were never opened, let alone acted on as I chased other new obsessions.

Now a year later I’m finally writing my second post, and why?  Because after a year of distractions I’m back to the beginning with the belief that I have something worth saying.

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