Happily Closed for Business

110HFor many years now I have strived for balance in life.  I wear many hats, juggle many tasks, spin many plates and, as a result, always feel tired, ineffective and stressed.  So today I’m trying a new approach.  Today I’m Closed for Business.

You see to achieve balance every muscle has to be tense.  If there is the slightest over balance in any one direction there has to be immediate correction and realignment.  So in fact you never commit to any one direction.

However when we walk we put all our weight behind one side.  We throw ourselves off balance and step out before fully transferring our weight to the other side and so move forward.

In recent weeks I’ve had to throw my full weight into work in order to achieve certain things and it has meant that other areas of my life have suffered. So now, with a weeks annual leave booked, I have 2 choices.

  1. Stay away from the office physically but be so linked via my smart phone that things keep ticking along nicely in my absence
  2. Switch off my phone and be closed for business for a full week and deal with the fall  out on my return

Well as I’ve always had a rebellious streak in me I’m going for option 2 and I’m shocked at just how rebellious it feels to be happily closed for business this week!

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