A priceless gift

A few weeks ago it was Mother’s Day in England which means I was woken up early, and very enthusiastically, by my 3 children.  Each child bundled onto my bed, armed with a card, a huge smile and a truck load of energy which I wished I could match.  Thankfully my husband also came bearing gifts in the form of breakfast in bed and much needed mug of tea!


Amongst all the excitement and chatter I noticed my daughter clutching something behind her back which she was waiting to give to me. It was a necklace made out of a variety of wooden beads in all her favourite colours, threaded onto a green shoe string.  She’d put a great deal of love and care into selecting the beads, and was clearly very proud of her handiwork. As I got dressed for church that morning I was faced with a clear choice – wear the outfit that I had chosen the night before and leave the necklace at home , or change so that I could wear something different so that my new, multi-coloured necklace could be worn with pride.

While I was dressing, I thought about the time in the Bible where it describes Jesus sitting outside the temple watching people as they gave their gifts.  Wealthy religious leaders of the day were making a show of their extravagant gifts they were giving.  However in the midst of all the activity came an elderly widow who gave 2 small coins.  The 2 small coins may have been insignificant in monetary value but Jesus tells the crowd that she had given the most (Mark 12:41-44).
My daughter’s offering was given in such a way it moved me to change my outfit. I think on that day I got a small insight in to how God feels when we give our offerings to Him.  Nothing we can give Him can possibly compare to what He has already given for us.  However when we give out of a heart of love, it blesses Him more than I think we realise.  I don’t believe we can ever manipulate God with our offerings, however in that moment on Mother’s Day I realised how our offerings do impact God and cause Him to respond by blessing us.

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