If You Don’t Ask You Don’t Get

It’s become a bit of long standing joke in our office; if ever anyone needs a new phone or computer I suggest they buy Apple. Yes, I know they are more expensive than many of their competitors, and yes, I know it does the same job as any other brand.  However, I enjoy being gullible enough to believe that life will be simpler, work more productive and I will be more creative just because it’s done on a beautifully designed product.

So when it was time for my work laptop to be replaced I proposed 2 options to my boss.  A great deal on a pc laptop with £150 off the recommended retail price, or a slightly more than twice the price MacBook Air!  I have to confess I never for a moment thought my boss would go for the MacBook so was totally speechless when the email came back to say it had been ordered for me!

At that moment I felt a little like the persistent widow mentioned in the Bible. In Luke 18 we can read a story that Jesus told about a persistant widow who got justice from the judge just by the mere fact that she kept asking.  Jesus goes on to say, if a judge responds to persistence in that way, how much more will God, our heavenly Father, respond when we persistantly ask for something?

Persistent prayer doesn’t wear God down in the way that nagging does.  In fact it pleases God when we continually go to Him for answers to the issues we face.

I don’t pretend to know much about prayer, in fact it still confuses me that some prayers happen quicker than others, and some never seem to get answered at all.  However,  Faith has taught me to keep believing what God has said over and above what I can see.  Hope has taught me that there are better days ahead.  Love has taught me that He has my best interests at heart no matter what.

If you’ve got answered prayers and situations that you seem to be stuck in, why not pray?  You never know what may happen!


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