I just want to be liked…

Ok so we’ve all been there.  We’ve written something insightful and witty on social media, carefully framed and edited a photo, poured our hearts into a blog, hit the button and then waited…


Waited for the signs of social acceptance.  Waited for our phones to come alive with bleeps and buzzes as our notifications tell us that our post, and in turn ourselves, are liked.

We know it doesn’t really measure our worth, and yet we hit the refresh button as surely someone must have seen, commented, approved and liked us our post. We really know it’s not that important but if we had a few more followers…

It’s so easy to fall into the trap of chasing society’s approval and acceptance and forget that we are already loved and accepted without us doing a thing!

I’m grateful for every like and comment I receive as it’s feedback on how well I’m telling my story.  However my prayer is that I never lose focus on the One who’s comment on my life matters the most.

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