Finding Work-Life balance thanks to Proverbs 31

10 years ago I spent a long time looking at the passage in Proverbs 31 about a “virtuous wife”.  The woman described seemed so far removed from my daily life, or of any woman I knew, that I struggled to understand why God had included it in the Bible!

Could I ever relate to the woman described in Proverbs 31?

If you’ve never read it before you can read it here.

I knew women who were stay at home mums, making their own clothes and soft furnishings, and I knew I couldn’t be like them!  I also knew women who were up at the crack of dawn serving their household, working and putting everyone else’s

needs first until they finally collapsed into bed after midnight.  They always seemed tired or ill and I knew I didn’t want to be like that either! So what was God trying to say?

Was this passage of scripture completely irrelevant to my 21st Century life, or were there still lessons I could learn and apply to my life?

As I went through it verse by verse I discovered a completely different side to this woman that I’d never noticed before.  Instead of being too good to be true and unobtainable, she suddenly provided me with a blueprint for my life.  As I tried to juggle my various roles as wife and mother, working part time, and being involved in our local church and community, I discovered she could help me see what to adjust to create that elusive Work-Life balance I craved.

I’d love to tell you I’ve followed that blueprint diligently, but instead, every time my life has gone crashing out of control I’ve return to that blueprint and regained balance. She gently leads the way for me to follow… Am I tending to my marriage? Where am I being creative? Who is currently in my support network? How am I growing as an individual? What am I doing to look after my health? How generous am I being etc.

I’m still a way off from where I want to be, but at least I know I’m on the right road.  I find it far too easy to forget the lessons I’ve learnt and so I’m going to be reviewing them in the next few blogs.

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