The temptation to ignore Valentines Day

I hadn’t planned on writing about marriage or Valentines this week.  In fact I’d planned to write about valuing those girlfriends in our worlds who encourage us to be all we are called to be.  But it was one of those girls in my world who inspired this post.

You see I’ve been married for 15 years. In fact we celebrated our wedding anniversary only a few weeks ago at the end of December. It was then hubby’s birthday in January and we also managed to have a night away at a hotel last week for his annual work do.  Our marriage is in a good place!


So I hadn’t really felt the need to pull out all the stops for Valentines Day. I’d planned on getting a card, doing a nice dinner for the whole family and then maybe finding something to watch on TV once the kids were in bed. After all Valentines is just a commercial event…

However while on Pinterest I noticed one of my friends had started pinning lots of Valentines ideas for date nights at home.  Like me she has three children, but her youngest is only 5 weeks old!  In the midst of dealing with a new born, a preschooler and a 7 year old, she was still making time to think about her husband and her marriage!

Her husband depends on her, and she never lets him down.  She is good to him every day of her life. Proverbs 31:10-11

Comercial or not, Valentines day is another day of my life where I can be creative in finding a way to let my man know I value, love and appreciate him. Our marriage has had it’s fair share of ups and downs, so surely the fact that it’s in a good place is even more reason to celebrate!

So a big Thank You to my girlfriend for keeping me on my toes, I may just need to go and look again at some of the things you’ve put on Pinterest.

(Maybe this post was about the importance of valuing the girlfriends in your world after all!)

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