The Ancient Art of Me Time

I love Thursdays!  Thursdays are my day off in more ways than one.  Weekends are often filled with family, church, errands, parties, homework and sport.  But Thursdays are mine.  Once the kids are at school I relish the solitude of being home alone for just a few hours.  I can clean, tidy, read, write and think a whole thought without interruption.

Today, however, was not like that.

Easter Bonnet Parades and a lunchtime end to this school term, meant my child free hours were dramatically shortened.  Sadly, my To-Do list was not.  Instead it was lengthened with the knowledge that this was my last child-free moment until the holidays are over.

The afternoon became a blur of children and friends in various locations enjoying their new freedom,  while parents provided the necessary taxi services to make it all happen.

So now the kids are sleeping, and house is once again calm, I’ve found a moment of solace and an opportunity to write. And here I relax, knowing that I’m in good company.

Writing.jpg We often admire the creativity and work ethic of the woman described in Proverbs 31.  However we often overlook the fact that she knew how to indulge in Me Time too.

“She makes tapestry for herself” Proverbs 31:22

In the midst of her busyness she took time to recharge and do something that was purely for her own pleasure.  It may not be a big feature in this passage, but it is there none the less.  She was by no means a lady of leisure, but she still took time to do something that wasn’t necessary or needed by anyone else but her.

I may never line my walls with works of tapestry, but taking a moment to write tonight  is just the tonic I need before dealing with joys of school holidays tomorrow.

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