How to kill your dream

After 3 weeks of not writing a post it’s good to be back.  We recently had a family holiday and so, as I explained in my last post, I was giving myself permission not to stick to my normal writing schedule.  I didn’t want the pressure of having to find time to write, or the agony of finding good enough wifi to publish!

I thought after a few weeks rest I’d come back full of new ideas and inspiration and be able to take my blog to the next level, but the reality was very different.  Once the holiday was over, the washing was done, and kids back to school I sat down to write… nothing.9D4EF30D67

No ideas.

No inspiration.

Not even a little idea of where to start.

The harsh reality was my lack of discipline while on holiday, had caused my writing momentum to grind to a halt.  Thankfully, there are no drastic consequences and 4 days later I’m happily writing away with a head full of new ideas.  But what if it had been something more serious?

We all have dreams and ideas of where we want to be in the future.  Goals we want to achieve and people we want to become.  However the reality is we can’t just wake up and be that successful business owner, that great parent, or have that healthy body. It takes consistent habits and discipline to grow into any of our dreams.

I’m currently half way though my training to become an accredited Life Coach and it’s fascinating seeing this in the lives of the people I’m coaching.  Each person has a great goal that they are moving towards. However none of them are doing anything dramatic to get there.  Instead they have all identified small tasks that they have committed to doing regularly and are well on their way.

As I look at the dreams and goals I have for my own life they can sometimes seem overwhelming and impossible to reach.  However I know if I keep doing the  little things I will get there.  I’m just not going to take a holiday from following after them!


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