Oh the irony…

Having written several posts about work life balance, it’s just a little ironic that I find myself feeling like this week is out of balance!

Sometimes stuff happens that sends us into a tail spin, but right now I’m in the midst of self-inflicted chaos.  The lessons I’ve learnt, and written about, I simply haven’t applied, and so now I’m reaping the consequences of not following my own blueprint.

OJXHDWMWV9I first got a glimmer of what I’d done to myself on Saturday. A friend was hosting a Pin It Party, and gathered a group of girls together for a craft evening. The combination of friends, food and a creative project was lovely, and I could feel my shoulders relax as I  realised just how much I’d missed this.

I’d missed making something physical that uses a different part of my brain to normal.  Although I’d written about the importance of creativity, I’d somehow excused myself from doing anything about it.  After all I was writing a blog… isn’t that creative? Well yes and no.  Writing is always creative, but as I spend much of my work day sat in front of a computer, it’s important for me that my creativity takes a different shape. So why had I neglected this for so long?  It must have been at least 6 months since I’ve made anything!

I’d also written about the importance of planning ahead, and yet this week I’ve been playing catch up.  Since coming home from holiday I haven’t opened my diary once.  Dates and events are floating around my head, which in turn means I’ve avoid planning as I’m not sure how it all fits together. It’s such a silly little thing, but it’s just left me feeling uneasy for the past couple of weeks.

As I write I’m aware of what a Drama Queen I sound.  “My life is in turmoil because I didn’t update my diary!” We’re not exactly talking major life challenges here! However I wrote last week about how consistently doing the small steps helps us work towards our dreams.

The problem is here I am, ignoring my own small steps.  Nothing major has happened and I’m not in some terrible mess, but those little niggles were starting to build up and affect me like a small stone trapped in a shoe. Often when the big challenges come we brace ourselves and push through.  It’s the little niggles that more easily pull us off course.

So I’m updating my diary and I’m scanning pintrest for my next project. Just those two simple tweaks and I can already feel stress levels easing.  Writing a new blog post suddenly became easy and I can see the impact in other areas already too.

A small rudder can turn a large ship and it’s our small habits that can change the direction of our lives.

Is there a small step that you can take today that will make a larger difference in your life?

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