Flood waters

In England we are often mocked for our obsession with the weather, but on weeks like this I feel we’re slightly justified.  We’ve experienced cold mornings which have changed into gloriously sunny lunchtimes, followed by afternoons of thundery showers complete with flash flooding.


Submerged: Three cars were swallowed by the floodwater Louise Garwood


Roads filled with water so quickly the emergency services weren’t able to respond in time to stop drivers from getting into difficulties.  Footage of cars floating in flood waters, and drivers being rescued from submerged vehicles, made our news as rain suddenly changed everything.

Sometimes life can change equally quickly. We can be enjoying a peaceful sunny season  when a sudden problem comes flooding in.  An unexpected bill to pay, a redundancy, or a diagnosis can instantly change our landscape. Everything suddenly looks different as we have to deal with a new reality and sometimes have to navigate a very different path.  At times like that it can be easy to feel overwhelmed, however God promises us that in those moments He will raise His battle standard and come to our defence.

When the enemy comes in like a flood, the Spirit of the Lord will lift up a standard against him. Isaiah 59:19

Just as fast as the flood arrives it can disappear! The flooded road in the photo above, is now clear.  The waters have disappeared and the cars removed.  Likewise, in the midst of overwhelming situations God can turn things around.  Situations that seem hopeless can change overnight and problems that seem insurmountable can be solved.  No matter how deep the flood waters feel, we can rest assured He is with us in the midst of it all.

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