United against hate

All day I’ve been mulling over ideas for today’s blog post.  All day that is, until I heard the news about Jo Cox MP.  A brilliantly talented woman who believed in the power of politics to bring about change and help those without a voice.  Having previously worked as a Charity campaigner and an Aid Worker, she moved into politics just over a year ago and had already made a significant impact.  Tonight she was credited by opposition MP’s for influencing policy decisions and affecting more lives than she could have ever realised.

Today, while she was going about her work listening to the cares and concerns of her constituents, she was attacked by a gunman.  A few hours later the news broke that she had been unable to survive her injuries leaving behind a husband and 2 young children.

brendan cox quote

Politics in Great Britain is poorer today without Jo’s input. However if we take her husband’s words to heart, and unite against the hatred that killed her, her influence in our nation will continue to live on. She gave her life to serve our country, the least we can do is ensure this country is one in which she would want her children to grow up in.  A country where hatred and fear have no place, but people are loved, honoured and accepted.


2 thoughts on “United against hate

  1. So True and a Great post. It was evident and acknowledged by all sides Jo was an exceptional, and zealous lady with a passion for life.
    Hearing her constituents say how she kept her word and dd what she said is so refreshing.
    Such a tragic sad loss, hi lighting the importance to stand up for what is right, and truly Make a Difference, which was her overriding desire.
    Imagine the Difference in society if many more embraced her zeal, energy and integrity

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