Yesterday evening I started writing a post about Turbulence.  It began…

When you’re 40,000ft in the air it’s easy to forget about the law of gravity.  The routine of the air stewards announcements, the in-flight entertainment and even the refreshments  are all designed to help you relax and enjoy the ride.  Enjoy, that is, until you hit turbulence.  Then, even the calmest passenger has a second of uncertainty.  The ‘fasten your seat belt’ symbol lights up, your coffee jumps around in it’s cup and for that moment you wonder what will happen next…

EV0WQ57LE6.jpgThese past few weeks in Britain have clearly been turbulent.  We voted Out of Europe with the narrowest of margins, and everyone held their breath to see what would happen next.  Our Prime Minster resigned, the Leader of the Opposition refused to, the England Football Manager quit and even Top Gear started the search for a new leader.

It’s been turbulent indeed, and just like on an aircraft there have been an mixture of reactions.  Some barely raise an eyebrow as they hear the day’s latest events,  while others believe it to be a sign their worst fears are justified, and play out worst case scenarios in their minds.

Surely he will never be shaken; the righteous will be in everlasting remembrance.  He will not be afraid of evil tidings; his heart is steadfast trusting in the Lord.  His heart is established; he will not be afraid.                                                                      Psalm 112:6-8

And then I got stuck as to what to say next…

My faith that everything will be ok is not based on who has political power over our nation or any other factor.  My faith is firmly in God, trusting Him that my life is in His hands.  But how do you write that without seeming naive or offensive in the face of such global turbulence?

So I closed my laptop, skimmed the headlines and went to bed.  I vaguely saw that a lorry had hit some people in France and thought it must be a sad accident and fell asleep.

Little did I understand the horror that was behind that headline.  News the following morning was full of stories once again of fear, heartbreak and senseless loss of life, this time in Nice.

Turbulence had hit again and finding a way to finish this post seemed more important.

In our day of instant news and social media, news of horrific events are able to spread instantly and fear closely follows it.  These are certainly turbulent times and the future is uncertain and yet I cling to hope. I trust in the God who has never let me down. I put my faith in the One who has never broken a promise towards me.  That brings such a peace that I cannot explain, but I’m so thankful that I have.


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