Goodbye 2016

To say 2016 was an “interesting” year is perhaps an understatement!! Celebrity deaths, terror attacks in Europe, Brexit, American elections and of course the disappointing performances of the English football team!  However in the midst of that we also had so much to celebrate, the Queen turning 90, a great Olympic Games, Tim Peake in space and Leicester City winning the Premiership Title!

For us as a family, like many other families I know, 2016 was a tough year. We experienced all sorts of unexpected twists and turns on the journey. Finances, health, hopes and dreams all took a battering, and yet as I look back, I can clearly see a thread of God’s love and mercy holding us up and stopping us go under.

Amongst the tough times we also experienced some incredible moments; a holiday of a lifetime, family celebrations, amazing friendships and new adventures. My role at work totally changed and I also qualified as an accredited Life Coach!

Looking forward into 2017 I have a sense of excitement and anticipation for the good things that are coming. I also have a confidence that whatever challenges this year will bring, God already has a plan to bring us through!

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