New Year Resolutions v Daily Choices

As the clock chimes to proudly proclaim the change from one year into the next, it seems as though our brains can’t help but join in.  In a rush to improve on the previous 12 months we proudly proclaim our New Year’s Resolutions… This will be the year when… I resolve to never again… I promise I will… I’m determined to be more…  I’ll make the most of…

And as the calendar turns from one day to the next, our resolve that everything will be different diminishes.  By the end of January it’s a well known fact that most resolutions are forgotten and life defaults to way we did it the year before.

However we can change.  Things can be improved.  We don’t have to settle for things to be the way they were.  A uniqueness of the human race is our ability to choose, and it’s these simple daily choices that we make that determine how our day, week, months will play out.  In fact, it’s often because we didn’t intentionally make a choice that finds us stuck in a place we never intended to be.  We didn’t intend to wake up over weight, in debt, emotionally exhausted, lonely etc.  But our lack of choices meant we defaulted there.

Why could it not be that if we simply do nothing our default would be to become healthier, happier, more qualified, content and surrounded by loved ones we enjoy spending quality time with?

So this year I’m not making resolutions to change everything over night, but I am deciding to be intentional about the daily choices I make, so slowly and gradually I build the type of future I want.

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