Learning to practice what I preach!

Oh why is it so much easier to see what other’s need to do than it is to apply it to ourselves?!

In a recent coaching conversation we were discussing the benefits of journalling and creating an end to the day.  My client was thrilled with the difference journalling had made to her life.  No longer did she wonder where her time had gone, instead she had time and space to reflect on the day.  It also gave her insight into what was needed to help her move forward the next day.  Her partner had even noticed the huge difference it was making for her.  No longer was she tossing and turning during the night, but sleeping soundly.

During the coaching session I celebrated this great win with her and thought about my own journalling process.  It is true that so far this year there is an entry for every single day!  However, a few of them have been written the morning after the night before.  The closure to the day that I had talked through during coaching wasn’t something I was diligently doing myself.

And the sad fact is that it was only in the middle of the night, as I was tossing and turning, that I realised once again how it’s the simple daily habits that we create that make the greatest difference in our lives.  It’s easy to know what we should be doing, it’s much harder to actually do it!  However, by building simple habits into our daily routines we can use these building blocks to create the life we dream of.

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