Building Healthy Habits

I’m not really sure when it happened… when the change took place… all I know is I wasn’t as fit as I used to be.  As the children started getting older I spent less time chasing them around parks and more time driving them to various locations. More and more of my time was spent sitting at a desk and less of my time was engaged in physical tasks.  

To tackle this I started intentionally walking a bit more.  I started checking the pedometer on my phone to see if I could reach 10000 steps in one day.  From there I brought a pair of trainers, downloaded a Couch25K app and started running!  Well, sort of running.  For the first week you had to just manage to run for 60 seconds three times.  That was more than enough!  I thought I was going to die!  But slowly, as I followed the program I got to the place where I could run for 30 minutes.

I didn’t commit to running a marathon, or completing a 5K in a certain time.  I just commited to putting on my trainers and getting out there three times a week and the rest followed.

Some where along the journey I stopped viewing myself as someone who needed to improve their fitness, to someone who made healthy choices, and exercises regularly.  When I couldn’t run I found myself looking for alternative ways to exercise, and my wardrobe changed as different items of running gear started to appear.

I’m not as fit or as fast as I want to be, but this May I’ll be running my second 10K in London and that’s an acheivement I will be very proud of.

It’s amazing how a simple small habit can create a great result.

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