No more excuses…

For my 10th birthday I had a long white nightie, with little blue flowers on it, a matching full length dressing gown and matching slippers.  It was from Marks & Spencers and I loved getting ready for bed and being able to put it on.

But getting ready for bed, and actually going to bed were two very different things.  “Stop Procrastinating!” became my mum’s mantra, as I found excuse after excuse to stay up a bit longer, and not get on with the task of going to bed.

My taste in night attire has changed since then, but in many other ways I haven’t. Procrastination still plays a major role in my life as I find excuses not to do things. Not just things I should be doing but things I actually want to be doing.

Looking back some of those excuses seem so ridiculous… When I’m older… if I were younger… when I’m curvier… when I’m skinnier… when I’m married… when I have kids… when the kids are older…

I often failed to see how perfect a moment was to simply get started!  If I hadn’t procrastinated then, where would things be now? If I’d simply started and had a go, how much progress would I have made?

So today I’m choosing to say yes, to stop procrastinating, and start doing some of things I’ve been putting off.

What about you?  In 5 years time what will you be thankful that you started today?

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