Growing A Garden

We moved into our current home over 10 years ago when our boys were very young. Within a few months, I fell pregnant with our daughter and so life here has always been busy. However, the one place of very little activity over the years, has been our garden.

The house has a large garden with deep flowerbeds and several trees. Previously the garden had been used to feed a family, with rhubarb, gooseberries, apples, blackberries, redcurrants growing. As well as fruit there had also been a vegetable patch which I once tried to resurrect, and a variety of herbs.

Under our neglectful care, the blackberries managed to thrive, taking over as much as they could despite our annual attempts to cut them back. The only other plants doing well seemed to have prickles too. Roses and an enormous Japonica bush, flourished much to our distress each time we caught ourselves on one of the thorns.

This summer I decided enough was enough, and the japonica, with its flame orange flowers, was going. It was a harder job than I had anticipated and took a variety of tools and many days to conquer. Its roots had gone down deep and were now entwined with tree roots. Every time we would leave it for a few days, the bare stems would start to sprout leaves again, mocking our attempts to curtail it.

Eventually we were victorious, and in the process removed many brambles, bulbs, tree roots, rose bushes, cherry tree sprouts and even a 30cm oak tree that had been hiding.

Our newly cleared bed was then filled with a variety of flowers, and prickle free plants, that we love. Butterflies and bumble bees are also enjoying the new attractions to be found.

There’s still more we want to do, and it has been incredibly hard work, but the transformation has been worth every sore muscle. So much so, it makes us wonder why we never did it before.

We all know the theory that anything worth having is worth working hard for, and yet, how often in life do we take the easy route? We rob ourselves of the life we want because we want to avoid the hard work it takes to create it.

As I sit and enjoy the tranquility of my garden, I hope it always serves as a reminder to me to work hard for my dreams.

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