Writing one more post

The idea behind this blog was to give me a place to sharpen my communication skills. To regularly practice putting words together to communicate an idea. To bring hope and encouragement to others as I reflect on my own life and the lessons I’ve learnt.

The discipline to produce 200 words, regardless of how I felt would, I believed, encourage me to keep a flow of creativity in my life. The reality was very different.

The pressure to write something profound, meaningful and shareable, meant I would hide in the busy-ness of life and not attempt that first sentence. The complexity of websites, coding and design, were confusing enough to make me avoid logging in and educating myself on all that was necessary.  The thought of self-promotion and being social media worthy, made me want to log off all forms of technology. The podcasts on communication and writing I listened to, increased my desire for perfection so no first draft was written to avoid missing the mark.

But today is a new day.

It made me wonder how often I do this in other areas of life when there’s a goal or a dream I find too scary to start. How often do I hide and avoid, procrastinate and make excuses. And yet at the same time I regret, and wonder what could have been, had I been brave enough to simply start.

So today I’m hitting publish once again. It may be a weak start on a small dream, but it could turn into a significant start to a much bigger dream.

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