Making my voice heard

Just before heading out for lunch, I was stood phone-in-hand, chatting with friends.  I’m quite expressive as I talk, and although I don’t remember how it happened, I vividly remember it.  Time seemed to slow down as I watched my phone slip out of my hand and somersault until it rested face down on the concrete floor!!

 I fully expected to pick it up and find the screen shattered but amazingly it appeared to be fine.  Feeling very relieved I put it in my pocket and we set off for lunch.

During the meal, I took out my phone to take a photo, and realised the extent of what had happened.  While the outside was ok, the camera was now totally unresponsive. It didn’t matter how many times I switched it off and on again, it didn’t matter which app I tried, nothing responded.  I couldn’t even get the torch to work!

Everything non-camera related worked fine, and I wasn’t due an upgrade for a year so I decided it was something I could live with. (Especially when I found out the cost of getting it repaired!) Other people can always take a photo I reasoned, and so I waited patiently for my next upgrade. It seemed such a simple thing but it had an unexpected impact for me.

By not having a camera I wasn’t able to record moments and save memories for future days.  It also meant I had less to post on social media and no images to supplement a blog post. Over the months I stopped writing and I pulled back from social media.

Now less time on social media has to be a good thing doesn’t it? We’re often reminded of the evils of social media, the desire for “likes”, the insecurities that can develop, the unkind comments written, let alone how much time it can steal.  

“The Only Thing Necessary for the Triumph of Evil is that Good Men Do Nothing”

But recently I’ve had several reminders about the importance of adding our voices to the bigger conversation. We all have something we can share which can make someone smile, see things in a different way or simply bring hope.  Whether it’s a funny story, a recipe, a picture of us having fun or words of wisdom regarding a situation. 

So this year I’m deciding to show up and join in the conversation.  So no this blog post doesn’t have the all important image to accompany it – but I hope you still enjoyed reading it and that many more will follow.

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