New Beginnings

I was absentmindedly watching the news, as an Australian couple captured my attention. Their property was one of many that have been destroyed by the recent bushfires, and yet there was something different about this story.

They’d had a little bit of rain, and theirs was a story of hope. In amongst the devastation, this couple were showing the journalist plants and bushes that were growing. They showed burnt seed pods and explained how some plants will only release their seeds in the intensity of the fires heat

It made me think about the tough seasons that we all go through. Those seasons where it can feel like life burns us. At the time everything can feel lost, and destroyed beyond repair, and yet those moments can be seeds of what we are to become.

For us it was the Credit Crunch of 2008. I remember that year so well as it coincided with the birth of our third child, and here we were, being plunged into a recession.

My husband was an Independent Financial Advisor and so we watched in horror as his industry, his income and his identity, were burnt by the wild fires of the Credit Crunch. It’s taken us many years to recover from that particular fire but we started to call it our “Diamond Years”. The years of intense pressure that would produce something of beauty.

Now as we start 2020, I’m very aware of a sense of “rain” on our lives. Things are starting to bud and bring forth new life in places that looked like they were burnt to a cinder. The visual example of the Australian bush seemed resonated with what I have seen, and continue to see in my own life. No matter how burnt we get, new life is possible!

As I write I’m so excited about what the future is bringing us. Some things will never be the same but they’re just providing the soil for other things to grow!

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