I thought I’d write this while stood in the queue waiting to get into the supermarket. Thankfully the sun is shining and I have no where else to be.

For those stumbling across this in the future I’m writing this on 9th April 2020. The coronavirus has caused a global pandemic and, here in the UK we’re in our 3rd week of lockdown.

I’ve spotted two different friends in the queue ahead but our greetings were called out from a safe distance. Aware that the whole queue can hear us, we keep our conversation short and general. How are you coping? How much school work are you getting your kids to do?

It might be Easter Holidays but many of us are still keeping the routine of little bits of school work to help everyone’s sanity.

And still we keep waiting…

Waiting to hear of a breakthrough.

Waiting to hear news of loved ones.

Waiting to know how long this will last.

Waiting to hear news of our Prime Minister, currently in ICU fighting his own personal battle against this virus.

But we’re British and we’re used to waiting and queueing. We have no problem keeping 2 metres apart while we wait.

Life has slowed down so much we’ve found time to question some of the things we were waiting for. Why did we wait to call that friend or speak to that neighbour? Why are we waiting to change our job, learn a new skill or follow a dream?

In the business of normal life we often don’t have the time or space to think about what we really want, let alone plan to achieve it. Our hopes and dreams are forced to wait.

But amid the horror of this crisis, we’ve been gifted the time to stop, pause and think.

Is there something you’ve been waiting for that you could start today?

3 thoughts on “Waiting….

  1. Plenty of things I have been waiting for and now have the time to do 😉
    One of them being the need to sort out my arts and crafts table 🙂 It will be my mission this weekend 😉

    1. Oooh a whole crafting workspace!! I’m totally jealous!! I’m guessing tidying it up will be very satisfying and hopefully inspire you with lots of new ideas as you rediscover hidden gems!!

      1. That’s my thinking too 😉 It will mean some new things to do 🙂 I do know that I am running low on paint though… but other than that, I think I am going to find plenty of gems to keep me busy 🙂 😉

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