The power of simply showing up

Unlike most New Year’s, this year I didn’t hit the ground running. Literally. Where in previous years I’ve made resolutions to run three times a week this year, with everything else that was going on, I chose to not run. I chose to not put myself under any extra pressure and to simply run for the fun of it when I had a moment.

We were 12 days into the year before I put on my running gear and hit the pavements. A whole 17 days since my last run and I could really tell! My fitness levels had dropped, my stamina had dropped, my speed had dropped!!

Habits don’t just move us towards our goals, they prevent us from slipping further away from them.

As I walked for a bit to catch my breath I realised the power of habits and the important of simply showing up. Habits don’t just move us towards our goals, they prevent us from slipping further away from them.

I’ve often thought about the power of habits in terms of building towards a goal. In my head, each time I completed a habit it was like laying another brick in a wall which would eventually build into the fulfilment of a dream. My habit trackers resulted in objects being coloured in or, or chained completed. However that run gave me a realisation that habits are so much more than that.

Each time we don’t show up we’re actually removing bricks out of our wall. We’re actively losing momentum, and undoing some of the hard earned progress we’ve achieved. We can get away with it for a day, or maybe a week, but over time those goals slip further away simply because we’ve done nothing to move closer towards them.

This simply idea has helped me stay disciplined when I’ve felt like not showing up and I hope it helps you too! What habits do you need to move closer towards your goals? And what is the impact of missing a day, a week or a month? The act of simply showing up is more powerful than you’ve probably realised!

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