The power of simply showing up

Unlike most New Year's, this year I didn't hit the ground running. Literally. Where in previous years I've made resolutions to run three times a week this year, with everything else that was going on, I chose to not run. I chose to not put myself under any extra pressure and to simply run for … Continue reading The power of simply showing up

Keep planting seeds

Like many people during this pandemic, we're spending a lot of our time outdoors! Our house is a short walk away from some woodland which we've escaped to for our permitted exercise. We enjoyed watching spring burst into life, the cool shade it provided on hot summer days and the spectacular autumn colours as the … Continue reading Keep planting seeds

It’ll be lonely this Christmas…

This Betwixmas feels so odd as we simply sit around and wait for the New Year to start! My husband is from a large family, so the season between Christmas and New Year's is normally back to back parties and gatherings. But 2020, and all it's drama, means that we're finishing off the year with … Continue reading It’ll be lonely this Christmas…

5 Ways to Show Love to Your Teenagers

How do you communicate with your teenager when you seem to speak different languages? ⠀⠀It’s a question that often comes up in coaching. Parents want to have a healthy, loving relationship with their teens but sometimes don’t find it as easy as when the kids were younger. ⠀⠀It can seem as if the teen is … Continue reading 5 Ways to Show Love to Your Teenagers


I thought I’d write this while stood in the queue waiting to get into the supermarket. Thankfully the sun is shining and I have no where else to be. For those stumbling across this in the future I’m writing this on 9th April 2020. The coronavirus has caused a global pandemic and, here in the … Continue reading Waiting….

New Beginnings

I was absentmindedly watching the news, as an Australian couple captured my attention. Their property was one of many that have been destroyed by the recent bushfires, and yet there was something different about this story. They'd had a little bit of rain, and theirs was a story of hope. In amongst the devastation, this … Continue reading New Beginnings