What I Learnt Reviewing 2015


I love New Years. I love the feeling of a blank canvas, a year unspoilt, full of possibility and adventure.  I often take the opportunity of a New Year to set goals, plan events and look forward, but rarely take the time to look back and learn.

This year I was challenged to do just that, and the results have helped me shape the goals and plans for the year ahead. Continue reading “What I Learnt Reviewing 2015”

I thought I was their best friend…?

Last night, I watched a program on TV that filmed a group of 6 year olds in a school setting.  At 6 years of age friendships can be very fluid but are still incredibly important. At one point we saw a boy watch his friend sharing a  prize with another child.  His eyes welled up with tears and as he watched this new friendship develop, and all he could ask was “I thought I was their best friend…?”Continue reading “I thought I was their best friend…?”

A priceless gift

A few weeks ago it was Mother’s Day in England which means I was woken up early, and very enthusiastically, by my 3 children.  Each child bundled onto my bed, armed with a card, a huge smile and a truck load of energy which I wished I could match.  Thankfully my husband also came bearing gifts in the form of breakfast in bed and much needed mug of tea!


Amongst all the excitement and chatter I noticed my daughter clutching something behind her back which she was waiting to give to me. Continue reading “A priceless gift”

How can I help?

Brukskunst, Oslof.

Last weekend we went out for dinner with friends.

Our waiter was attentive without being intrusive.  He anticipated what we would need before we asked, and when our food arrived, he knew which dish was for which person.  His great customer service left a lasting impression on all of us.Continue reading “How can I help?”