5 Ways to Show Love to Your Teenagers

How do you communicate with your teenager when you seem to speak different languages? ⠀⠀It’s a question that often comes up in coaching. Parents want to have a healthy, loving relationship with their teens but sometimes don’t find it as easy as when the kids were younger. ⠀⠀It can seem as if the teen isContinue reading “5 Ways to Show Love to Your Teenagers”

5 Ways To Stay Sane In Self-Isolation

During this time of Covid-19 here’s 5 ideas for you, and your children, to help you stay sane, and even thrive, during self-isolation.

“You never know, in the future men might have to work hard too”

The title of this blog post comes from a conversation that was had in our house this morning.  My husband had left for work before the kids were awake, and I was now getting them up and ready for school. As I loaded the dishwasher I noticed the food trap needed cleaning out.   NotContinue reading ““You never know, in the future men might have to work hard too””