Keep planting seeds

Like many people during this pandemic, we’re spending a lot of our time outdoors! Our house is a short walk away from some woodland which we’ve escaped to for our permitted exercise. We enjoyed watching spring burst into life, the cool shade it provided on hot summer days and the spectacular autumn colours as the … More Keep planting seeds


I thought I’d write this while stood in the queue waiting to get into the supermarket. Thankfully the sun is shining and I have no where else to be. For those stumbling across this in the future I’m writing this on 9th April 2020. The coronavirus has caused a global pandemic and, here in the … More Waiting….

New Beginnings

I was absentmindedly watching the news, as an Australian couple captured my attention. Their property was one of many that have been destroyed by the recent bushfires, and yet there was something different about this story. They’d had a little bit of rain, and theirs was a story of hope. In amongst the devastation, this … More New Beginnings

Growing A Garden

We moved into our current home over 10 years ago when our boys were very young. Within a few months, I fell pregnant with our daughter and so life here has always been busy. However, the one place of very little activity over the years, has been our garden. The house has a large garden … More Growing A Garden

No more excuses…

For my 10th birthday I had a long white nightie, with little blue flowers on it, a matching full length dressing gown and matching slippers.  It was from Marks & Spencers and I loved getting ready for bed and being able to put it on. But getting ready for bed, and actually going to bed … More No more excuses…