Writing one more post

The idea behind this blog was to give me a place to sharpen my communication skills. To regularly practice putting words together to communicate an idea. To bring hope and encouragement to others as I reflect on my own life and the lessons I’ve learnt. The discipline to produce 200 words, regardless of how IContinue reading “Writing one more post”

And so it’s Thursday again…

I made a promise to myself that I would write a blog post every Thursday.  A promise I never kept.  But a promise I keep returning to. But why? Why choose to carve out time to write? Why force myself to think of something new to say each week?  Why write a blog? I love communication.Continue reading “And so it’s Thursday again…”

Getting ready to go

Mummy guilt can hit at any moment.  That feeling that if only you had… then your child could/would….  For me it generally arises  when work and family collide.  Those shows I have to miss, school trips I can’t attend, friends that can’t be invited back for tea and paperwork I some how misplaced, all because I’m not a stay atContinue reading “Getting ready to go”

The day I walked away from 100 guests

I actually feel quite proud of myself.  The other Friday I managed to walk away from 100 guests, and trust that everything would be fine!  It was a Thank-You dinner for all those who volunteer in our church, and it was my job to make it all happen. I’d been chatting with some friends about work life balanceContinue reading “The day I walked away from 100 guests”

I just want to be liked…

Ok so we’ve all been there.  We’ve written something insightful and witty on social media, carefully framed and edited a photo, poured our hearts into a blog, hit the button and then waited… Waited for the signs of social acceptance.  Waited for our phones to come alive with bleeps and buzzes as our notifications tell usContinue reading “I just want to be liked…”