Goodbye 2016

To say 2016 was an “interesting” year is perhaps an understatement!! Celebrity deaths, terror attacks in Europe, Brexit, American elections and of course the disappointing performances of the English football team!  However in the midst of that we also had so much to celebrate, the Queen turning 90, a great Olympic Games, Tim Peake in spaceContinue reading “Goodbye 2016”


Yesterday evening I started writing a post about Turbulence.  It began… When you’re 40,000ft in the air it’s easy to forget about the law of gravity.  The routine of the air stewards announcements, the in-flight entertainment and even the refreshments  are all designed to help you relax and enjoy the ride.  Enjoy, that is, until youContinue reading “Turbulence”

How to live an extraordinary life

The more I write about the woman in Proverbs 31 the more I am convinced her life makes a great blueprint for  work life balance. Her life demonstrates the benefits of healthy relationships, creativity, self-development, time management, risk taking, leadership etc. which are all so relevant for todays living. However the one thing that changes it from a 10 pointContinue reading “How to live an extraordinary life”

Why would anyone do that?

I have to be honest, I love my bed and I love 8 hours of sleep.  So one thing that really put me off the woman described in Proverbs 31, was the fact that she started her day in the middle of the night.  She rose early, not just to make breakfast for her family (I couldContinue reading “Why would anyone do that?”

There’s always something on the horizon

When I first became a mum I quickly felt my brain begin to stagnate.  Don’t get me wrong I adored my son, but I struggled with the adjustment from being busy at work, to being at home with someone whose only form of communication was to cry.  It was then that I recognised the importance of self-developmentContinue reading “There’s always something on the horizon”

An Extra day

Have you ever wished for more time?  Have you ever wanted an extra day to achieve something?  Well this is a leap year and today doesn’t really exist. To all intents and purposes February has finished but March hasn’t yet begun.  We have the luxury of that extra day. So take a risk. Step out inContinue reading “An Extra day”

The day I walked away from 100 guests

I actually feel quite proud of myself.  The other Friday I managed to walk away from 100 guests, and trust that everything would be fine!  It was a Thank-You dinner for all those who volunteer in our church, and it was my job to make it all happen. I’d been chatting with some friends about work life balanceContinue reading “The day I walked away from 100 guests”