Step by step

After the initial excitement of pursuing a dream the novelty can quickly wear off. We then have to decide to pay the price of pretend that it was never really that important in the first place. … More Step by step

How to live an extraordinary life

The more I write about the woman in Proverbs 31 the more I am convinced her life makes a great blueprint for  work life balance. Her life demonstrates the benefits of healthy relationships, creativity, self-development, time management, risk taking, leadership etc. which are all so relevant for todays living. However the one thing that changes it from a 10 point … More How to live an extraordinary life

An Extra day

Have you ever wished for more time?  Have you ever wanted an extra day to achieve something?  Well this is a leap year and today doesn’t really exist. To all intents and purposes February has finished but March hasn’t yet begun.  We have the luxury of that extra day. So take a risk. Step out in … More An Extra day